header image : Solo formation

Solo formation

The formation is done in two steps :

Etape 1 formation parapente solo

Step 1

Preparation for the first flight :

  • Equipment presentation
  • Ground handling (inflatables + games on the ground with the wing)
  • Pedagogical tandem (3 flights)
  • First flight alone (with radio)

Etape 2 formation parapente solo

Step 2

The next step of your formation consists in familiarizing yourself with your wing :

  • Several launching techniques
  • Several landing techniques
  • Tricks (360° and the 8)

You have to do 50 flights supervised by an instructor.

Flight license

The aptitude test to obtain the official free flight license consist of two types of tests to be awarded in the following order :

  • Theoretical part
  • Pratical part

For the practical exam, you must be able to attest a minimum of 50 flights in 5 different sites supervised by a professional working in a paragliding school. But, first you must get the theoretical part.

For more information, please visit the official website of the Fédération Suisse de vol libre (FSVL).


The paragliding school offers the following prices :

Step 1
Step 2