Flying in Anzère

Here are some small important information in order to make your flight more enjoyable. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Anzère Paragliding School.

Below, you can see an overview of the different take-offs and official landing.

  • Take-off
  • Landing


Pas de Maimbré (2'363 m)

At the top of the cable cars the take-off "Pas de Maimbré" is possible from south, east and west. A webcam is available on the take-off.

The cable car schedules can be found on the website Anzère

Les Luys (2'000 m)

Access by foot from the cable cars, the take-off "les Luys" is oriented to the south. You can also easily land around the take-off.

Les Masques (1'740 m)

Take-off used during the closure of the cable cars. Access by foot from the start of the cable cars. The take-off is oriented to the south.


Brêt (1020m)

The official Brêt landing, visible from the Pas-de-Maimbré, is located above the village of St-Romain, directly beside the main road. The field, with a slightly slope, is quite technical, especially under sustained thermal conditions. A bus stop is on the main road 50 meters below the landing.

Saly (964m)

This landing is reserved for the paragliding school. You do not have the permission to land there without the permission of the school.


A weather forecast is located at the top of the Chamossaire (200m above the take-off of the Pas-de-maimbré) and can be consulted ici. You can also access the data using the application "Wind Mobile" available on iPhone and Android.


Before flying, it is important to take the weather. There are several websites for this:

It is particularly important to pay attention to the phenomenon of foehn. In our region there are two types of foehn:

The foehn appears most often when the difference of pressures between Lugano and Zürich exceeds 4 hPa. These pressures are available here.

Southern Foehn

If you see a foehn dam on the Simplon, the take-off wind is zero or light. Do not take off.

Northern Foehn

If the weather forecast indicates more than 25km/h from the north, do not take off.